to fuck and cuddle; to alternate between fucking and cuddling.
Lets go fuddle and spend all day in bed.
by Alice Talice November 02, 2010
fuck and cuddle
Let's go fuddle.
by Punkin99tg November 01, 2010
The act of cuddling after coitus (f***ing). Implies that a person would like to stay with their partner after sexual intercourse, instead of f'ing and ditching.
Hey baby, want to fuddle tonight?
by DriftJAK January 16, 2011
anything between a hug and sexual intercourse
john, im going to fuddle you.
by littler-boss July 11, 2010
Fuddle: an action that occurs when 4 grown adults all cuddle on the floor together in a non sexual way.
Person one: "It's too wet to camp outside tonight in the tents so we will have to stay inside."

Person two: "That's okay we can all fuddle!"
by N-jiggity dog August 19, 2011
a problem, or issue -- as defined by leah
such as when coming to an intersection where everybody is stopped & nobody is sure who should go. Everyone then continues to inch slowly and hesitantly waiting for someone to go.

"This is quite a fuddle!"
by mkd December 10, 2006
To be uncommonly clear minded.
Opposite of befuddle.
Man that dude is pimp! I aint never seen noone so fuddled. He must do rocket sugery
by exponentialhalitosis December 13, 2004

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