A comprimise between cudding and fucking. This is done by him simply leaving his dick in my vagina while falling asleep cuddling.
My roomate walked in with breakfast for me, imagine his suprise when he saw me naked fuddling with Brandon.
by J.K. February 19, 2005
Top Definition
(Verb) The act of female masturbation.
I saw that girl fudding off in the bogs. She's a right horny slag
by The Master of Definitions October 19, 2006
the act of self pleasuring for a woman
"gave myself a right good fudding last night" said the bird
by spacenewt December 08, 2009
Verb - An act involving anal sex, primarily a homosexual act. When one partner ejaculates into another partners anus, the intercourse continues mixing semen and fecal matter into a frothy mixture. The frothy mixture of semen and fecal matter is then extracted and consumed by inserting a straw into the anus.
Dave: Damit Bob! I told you should not eat corn on the cob when you know we wil be fudding later.
Bob: Oh, yeah.. I forgot that plugs up the straw with the corn bits sometimes.. sorry..
Dave: I have to go floss out the corn chunks now..
by Sammy "Da Bull" September 03, 2006
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