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fear, uncertainty and doubt
don't believe Microsoft's FUD -- Mozilla is off the hook
by you October 28, 2001
undergarments - specifically underwear. "choneys" is supposedly spanish for underwear.
I'm wearing the blue and yellow choneys tonight
by you June 27, 2001
to cause a frog or toad to launch into the air
i spanghewed a frog 20 ft
by you June 18, 2003
The coolest place to be.
I live in El sobrante
by You May 19, 2003
Stupid Utility Vechiel
I dont know how to spell.
by You August 03, 2003
da computer store that pwnz
by you October 11, 2004
A cool tall Indian kid!
omg..looks Ashwanth's here!
by You April 22, 2005
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