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the act of self pleasuring for a woman
"gave myself a right good fudding last night" said the bird
by spacenewt December 08, 2009
someone (usually female) who is widely experienced in the anatomy of the male member
"that Sharon is a right glandhandler; the filthy old rotter"
by SPACENEWT September 17, 2008
as with fudding but here the woman tends to be upper class
"indulged in a jolly good spot of fuddingtons last night" said the posh bird
by spacenewt December 08, 2009
similar to bagpiping except the female vagina is placed under the male armpit rather than the male penis beneath the female's armpit.
"did some bagpussing on the wife last night. my armpit stinks like a right twat this morning"
by SPACENEWT September 17, 2008
a conker-sized wad of clean toilet tissue that's been soaked under a cold tap and then, while soggy, thrown at somone, usually from above (i.e. by leaning over the partition between two toilets in a public lav).
by spacenewt December 08, 2009

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