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fuck-less-ness (n): the state of having no sex, or lack of fuck.
1.his fucklessness started when he stopped using deoderant
2.becasue i left my whore, im in a constant state of fucklessness
3. Thanks to your moms fucklessness, i couldnt get any last night.
by Jizzle the homie shizz nit August 08, 2004
The state of a straight virgin individual who cannot get any ass and as a result resorts to transvestites and transsexuals yet still cannot get any poonanny. The only option left is the use of cylinder based objects ie. beer bottles, wine glasses, wooden chair legs, vacuum hose
jimmy's fucklessness led him to fantasize daily about his mahogany fireplace poker that reeked of ball sweat from previous encounters.
by gbiscuit March 27, 2011
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