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The ultimate state of not caring. This state can only be obtained when one no longer gives a fuck.
After hours of playing poker, the two remaining players become fuckless with their chips
by AJizzie September 06, 2007
To not gave a fuck. Also to not care resulting in being stressless and other wise pleased with your surroundings.
Zen is fuckless. He just coasts through life, doing what he pleases.

He's a hero.
by Kingjackdaniels July 27, 2013
A meaning for a virgin who will never get fucked even if he were the last man on Earth.
I think that Morris is a fuckless old man.
Fucking + Useless (mashed together) = FUCKLESS
Man 1: My one friend is so fucking useless!

Man 2: Tell me about it! He's the most "FUCKLESS" person I have ever met!
by DC Eklipse September 07, 2011
A word to define a person who did super cool thing.
A : "Dude B, did you know that Kamal do a 50-50 on that rail?"
B : "That's so fuckless! It's the longest rail i have ever seen dude A."
by eminorazalli December 15, 2009