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1.Things which are whimsical, or otherwise randomly amusing.

2. A shortened version of the word whimsical.
Those spoons are so whimsy!
by LadyGibber November 08, 2005
To be completely indecisive or flacid with easy decisions. relationships, what to eat or order at a restaurant, etc.
He is the commissioner of our fantasy football league and can't even decide where the draft will take place. What a whimsy ass hole.
by britishfad July 22, 2010
To attempt to insert a half flacid penis into a vagina during intercourse.
I tried to bang her but could only give it the whimsy. I blame the whiskey.
by britishfad July 22, 2010
a handcrafted object, like a nick-nack. usually small and of personal value to either the creator or the person it was created for.
I made for you a whimsy. (a turtle made of sea shells since you love turtles and sea shells)
by ART0102 April 29, 2010
Raunchy word for pubic hair.
She tickles my whimsy softy, making me moasn like a alut in heat
by Bob Sagggget September 03, 2007

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