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You know you went and fucked up now don't ya
See video : DannyNSK meets Danzig
by fuckity July 09, 2004
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A mixture of fucked off and uppity, mixture of angry and snooty.
So, now my brother's being all fuckity with me...
by SloOosh November 02, 2010
Having no interest in doing anything. A feeling of defeat. Giving up - essentially saying "fuck it" to everything
Not to be confused with "fuckedy" which is when things aren't going well or are slightly off - fuckity is just giving up.
I can't get him/her off the couch - he/she has just been fuckity since the break-up.
by RVLambo December 14, 2013
supporting word for sexual encounters.
Hell yah... I had that bitch fuckity split.
by cbeck July 11, 2004
Abbreviated version of "You fucking hit me!" before the strength of the gods crush your face.
It happened to Glenn Danzig..... wow.
by Twist of Pain July 10, 2004

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