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The insiatiable urge to fuck!
It is a horrible affliction possessed by both genders, whereby the afflicted desires to fuck "Hunnyz" or "hunks" (in accordance with their sexual orientation). The subject's standards diminish rapidly as their "need to bang" grows out of control, to the point of being overwhelming. If diagnozed with fuckitis, one must bang quickly and frequently in order to quell/aleviate its debilitating symptoms and/or side-effects, which are (but are not limited to); paranoia, diarrhea, pain, depression, the feeling to "fuck a fatty cuz they're easy", constant boners/wide-ons and disslecksia (dyslexia).
1. Severe ailment
2. The human condition
3. Urge to bang a hottie
4. We all have it, don't kid yourself.
#horny #sex #fuck #boner #randy #slutty
by Kneegrowdamus January 17, 2012
A benign illness which causes afflicted people to pronounce a derivative of fuck in every sentence. Can happen to anybody, and lasts 12 to 48 hours.
college kid: That exam was fuckin hard. But the fuckin prof gave me an fuckin A! Fuck yeah !
grandpa: what's his problem?
mom: fuckitis.
#fuck #college #disease #mom #grammar
by nageuse July 19, 2012
A serious medical condition of both brain and central nervous system which is sometimes caused by head trauma or drama.

Cause; Unknown but can be hereditary.

Symptoms; Subjects never seems to learn from their mistakes. Fucked up.
He was diagnosed with Fuckitis and went to a Fuckologist hoping for a cure.
#fukitis #fuckologist #fucked #fuckology #fucked up
by Panthera Atrox January 24, 2011
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