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Detroit rocks are pieces of crumbling, fallen down or demolished buildings that we find all over the D, otherwise known as 313.
Hey bud, what are all those cool objects on your mantle ?
Oh, those are Detroit rocks. Look, I got a piece of Michigan Central Station.
by nageuse September 12, 2012
A benign illness which causes afflicted people to pronounce a derivative of fuck in every sentence. Can happen to anybody, and lasts 12 to 48 hours.
college kid: That exam was fuckin hard. But the fuckin prof gave me an fuckin A! Fuck yeah !
grandpa: what's his problem?
mom: fuckitis.
by nageuse July 19, 2012
Letting all of the weeds grow in your backyard and then pulling out the ones that don't make pretty flowers.
neighbor: Hey your yard looks great, but aren't those the same weeds that are in every abandoned back lot here in Detroit?
me: yep. It's called subtraction gardening.
by nageuse July 19, 2012

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