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an intense,difficult,or unpleasant circumstance or occurance.
"Dang'ol algebra final was a real fuckeroo, man!"
by j e walker April 26, 2003
1: A gathering of group sex.

2: A very happy cheer when something good happens.
"Who wants to join my fuckeroo?"
" I got a promotion! Fuckeroo!"
by Suburbangang September 14, 2012
something good
"That chick gives a fuckeroo of a blow job"
by Mike Press March 22, 2004
A promiscuous man at a gay dude ranch.
Eduardo cantered up to the bar and said, "I'm the baddest bronco bustin' fuckeroo in the house...who here thinks he can lick me? Come one, come all."
by harry flashman July 19, 2003