the opposite of lucked out, meaning failed, or a denial, or a chance not given.
Director: Hey James, someone else will play your solo: don't play it anymore.
Bystander: Damn, you just fucked out bro!

Boy: Hey! Do you maybe wanna go see a movie??
Girl: Uhhh no. Not with you!
Boy: (to himself) Why do i always fuck out with this??
by charlotte.turquoise September 22, 2010
Top Definition
When a bitch has been fucked way too many times
Dude, look at that old stripper. She's been fucked out.
by Mutha Fuckin Jigga Man December 26, 2006
Being worn out from fucking for at least a week straight after you or your man is released from rehab or jail.
I'm all fucked out. My baby's daddy got home 2 weeks ago after doin a nickel in county.
by Madam D October 16, 2006
To have prevented or been prevented from doing or getting something. Also, a general state of things.
I totally got fucked out of that job by a lower bidder.

You're gonna be fucked out when I steal all your marijuana plants.

Traffic is fucked out.

You fucked us out by not showing up today.
by pukenet February 26, 2010
The act of being kicked out of ones friend's house so said friend may have sex with his/her boy/girl friend.
yeah, but i got fucked out.
by gingerkid66 November 01, 2010
means the same thing as freaked out...but who the hell says its gotta be freaked instead of fucked?
"Devon totally fucked out on me the other day"

"i saw that movie and it totally fucked me out"
by aPHISHinthasea March 25, 2010
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