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#1 In Home Foreclosure, Most Illiterate City & Ranked By Forbes as "Most Miserable City in the US." #2 In Crime Rate after Sacramento and Modesto. #3 In car theft. Ranked by Forbes as The 5th Most Dangerous City in the US. Yeah, okay, we might be "bad" and infamous but we have good stuff too. If you live here then you know. If you don't live here then you don't know. If you think its a crappy place to live, fine. You are entitled to your opinion. But, why the f*ck did you look this up if thats whats you think? Ask yourself THAT, a**hole. =) Have a Great Day.
Stkn Resident: "209 til I Die."

Outside: "Nah man, Stockton's whack."

Stkn Resident: "Fuck up and fuck out then."
by CoconutBanana April 06, 2010
Shortened form of "get the fuck out".
"Hey, you're a bitch."

"Hey, David(my dumbass ex) fuck out."
by CoconutBanana April 19, 2010

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