Sometimes short for Friedman Unit: the next six months, which will surely be the deciding factor in the US occupation of Iraq which began in 2003. Government or pundit statements on when the occupation will end are easily translated into F.U.s.

The six month term is always the *next* six months, no matter when it is said. This is long enough that most people forget about it and the originator is free to suggest another F.U. at any time.
The Congressman gave it one F.U., saying that we'll know (in the next six months / by September / before the end of the year / etc) if the latest approach is working. Not likely, given that he said the same thing a year ago...
by arglebarg May 31, 2007
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short for f**k you.
"Man, I just embarrassed you!"
by don't matter March 19, 2003
f u
a short way o saying "FUCK YOU" for the lazy ass people like me
f u u stupid ass piece of shit
by sean bucher September 12, 2004
The worst grade you can get in a class at my school: An F in achedemics and and unsatisfactory or U in citizenshipe. FU. Coincidence? I think not.
Jimmy: Teacher, what's my grade.
Teacher: FU Jimmy. You get an FU in my class because I don't like you.
by Wellesely Fudge Cake June 14, 2006
f u
Fuck You
"f u, you little cock sucker"
by No One April 05, 2004
a Short and/or Clean term for "FUCK YOU"

A common term used in the state of UTAH.
It's still uncertain if this term came from the Urban Language OR from the Mormons in Utah.

Because we all know... That the URBAN MOUTH could care less about: What is said!! -OR- Who hears it!!
"FU i'll kick your ass"
by Da Shizzle December 23, 2003
f u
The good ol "Fuck You" But Shorter
1. F U, u Fucking Asshole
by Dis Dizzle November 19, 2006
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