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A damn good school located in New York. Has campuses in the Bronx (Rose Hill), Manhattan (Lincoln Center), and Westchester County (Marymount). Mascot is the Ram, colors are maroon and white.
Contrary to some peoples beliefs, Rose Hill is actually the superior campus in terms of educational options, even though anyone from Lincoln Center will dispute this. Those from Lincoln Center should get off their high horse, because like everyone else your degree will not say your campus, but it will say your school, Fordham University. So get off it, because we are all Fordham, and a Rose Hill degree is the same as a Lincoln Center one.
by bigtones August 23, 2007
College in NYC. 2 campuses: Rose Hill (main) and Lincoln Center. Nice school and all, cept you gotta deal with the faggot fordham prep kids.
Hey Fordham Universityis pretty nice and all, but whats the deal with these faggot high school kids on campus?
by Key to the City July 17, 2011
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