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For the Horde. It refers to "The Horde" one of the two factions in World of Warcraft.
"Alliance suxorz. I am FTH!!!!one"
by Jadzia Dax December 09, 2006
Flip The Hair
Sam: you looked so good last night
chantelle: I know. FTH

used when you would ordinarily hair flip.
by idiopathicfuddyduddy January 06, 2015
For "The Horde."
A group of people that are nothing less then equal and stick up for one another like a band of brothers/sisters.

also, (more commonly known as) one of the two factions in World of Warcraft.
John Hock is for the Horde. {FTH}
by Angela Arroyo September 08, 2007
Abbreviation for, "Fuck the haters".
I think Paris Hilton is wonderful. fth
by Rachyque June 11, 2007
For the homies
FTH *can be used as a caption
FTH is not a phoenetically aesthetic acronym.
by Quick1 February 26, 2011
F**k That Ho
Say ur looking in ur bed for the rest of ur halloween candy but u cant f**kin find it u would yell out FTH (FuckThatHo)
by Tamie** November 02, 2009
1) For the Horde

2) For the Homos

The two teams are rivals.
See stickam.
1) John Hock and Jeffree Star are FTH.

2) Matthew Lush and Kiki Kannibal are FTH.
by LindsayXD November 30, 2007
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