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Asking tag that to another guy means, when you see a girl walk by, you yell "tag that?" The guy then answers by saying yes or no. This is asking the question would u hit, fuck that girl! Used by home depot employees when fine customers walk by. This disguises that they are perverts
Cedric: Tag that?
Mike: na she ugly
Jason: i would
by brad_d November 07, 2006
Little small young seminole indians
That logi will be getting mad money every month, just bc we supposedly stole their land.
by brad_d November 07, 2006
When a dork is coming your way at automatic slims, u yell out nerd alert!
Kelvin: Mamala is coming this way.
Marlon: "NERD ALERT!!!!"
by brad_d November 07, 2006
Something real men like me do, i search for duck which are dorks, softies, you know, and i whopp them. look up the word duck and u will know what im saying..I hunt ducks
Marlon: What do u want to do in the club tonite?
Peter: Lets go duck hunting!
by brad_d November 07, 2006
acronym for FUCK THEM HOES
tommy: what u doin tonite john
John: hangin with my girl
Tommy: man FTH
by brad_d November 12, 2006

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