Short for "Fat Slut" - girls who are obese and still wear tight, revealing clothes in attempts to get sweet hooks.

From the same semantic field as "ys" (young slut).
"Far out why are all parties nowadays filled with fs."
by Drylinerrr October 30, 2011
funny shit :}
A: i fell into a ditch today!
B: haha! FS!
by lauren x] October 09, 2008
An abbreviation for Formspring.me , a website where you can ask questions to anyone who has an account, either anonymously or publicly.
Dude check out my formspring (fs) , some chick thinks I'm hot but she's anonymous!
by mdl3clw November 29, 2010
A Group Of Vandals, Writer's, Peicer's, Or Graffiti Artist's From MODESTO CA, FOOT SOLDIERS/FOREVER STYLES/FOREVERLY SICK/FREAK SHOW.

Let's Go Out Bombing With The FS Squad.
by MESY February 05, 2009
Flight Simulator. Means the same as MSFS, so Microsoft Flight Simulator
FS9 or MSFS9 means Flight Simulator 9
FSX is Flight Simulator X
FS2002 is Flight Simulator 2002
A: Hey, what flight simulators you use when you're flying?
B: FS9, X-Plane, Enemy Engaged, LOMAC. And you?

2. Hey, people, someone wants to fly in FS9 through multiplayer today?
by Azazil_6 April 07, 2011
acronym for Free Shipping
Dell laptop is $799 with FS
by kodskoasdkokosa August 04, 2010
fat slob
orriginated in the kitchen of a small town in a far away country called canada where people live in tiny ice houses called igloos. used as a dirogatory term for stupid mothers who beat their children with rolling pins and have over extensive guts. also enjoy long naps and harvesting souls after midnight.
Child: can i go out with some friends tonight
Mother: no your room isnt clean
Child: what an FS
Mother: what does that mean?
Child: muhahahahaha!!!!
by Capt. beto borge January 07, 2010

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