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1. mispelling of Oprah

2. What Oprah was actually named, but was changed by accident by some one on her birth certificate(true).
Orpah was a character that Oprah was named after.
by Batost June 02, 2006
somthing that is in the state of being very pimp
This bowl of soup is pimptastic!
by Batost June 02, 2006
One answer to the question, "Is that person a whore". Meaning "ho for sure".
Frank: Is Debbie a whore?

Mike: She's a hofosho.
by Batost March 11, 2008
n. Someone who is fat and eats food that isn't theirs without the permission of the owner of the food
That fat shit cat ate my tomato...damn you Oprah!
by Batost March 11, 2008
The mixture between fat and muscle.

Used by people denying there fattitude.
I don't have fat, it's fuscle.
by Batost June 02, 2006
n. Someone who is not only a whore, but is also a slut.
Fred: That girl over there is just being a slut.

Bob: No, she's a whore.

Fred: So she's a hoslut?

Bob: I guess...
by Batost March 11, 2008
An action that is performed that is either a terrible decision or a wrong decision. Usually made by a dick or asshole.
F: Kim didn't give us our damn award.
D: That's a dick maneuver.
by Batost July 15, 2008
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