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fs is short for zero in hebrew because the pronounciation is the same ("efes"=0 in hebrew).
Usually used by CS gamers when some n00b gets killed.
adj. "HAHA ur dead fs"
by |)/\/\6 November 11, 2006
Abv. used for Foreskin Slap.
1. GOD DAMN she pisses me off SO much, that I'm am going to FS her in the face repeatedly until she passes out.
by Danner April 21, 2008
stands for "fake sleep", it is something you usualy do to fuck with and annoy someone, or to get them to leave you alone. can be done anytime and anywhere.
o shit here comes g-ma! everyone FS!
by shane941 March 22, 2007
Fat Shit! Dont you people know n e thin, that is the 1 and only deffonition!!
BOSH: MAN, he is 1 FS!!!!
STID:Ye, stop eatin u fat shit!
ME: Stid, u cant talk, u dont stop!! And i wont even start on u n ur nutrigrains!
by Legend 21 May 06, 2005