Acronym term for when things are Fucking Sweet. Used to describe an action or object of excellent or amazing quality.
Also used as 'Effis' or 'The F's'
That chicks body is so FS!
Did you see that snowboarder, his huck was effis!
Hey, Bro. You play that new game yet? I heard it was the F's.
by 'Joliet' Jake February 04, 2008
Flight Simulator. Means the same as MSFS, so Microsoft Flight Simulator
FS9 or MSFS9 means Flight Simulator 9
FSX is Flight Simulator X
FS2002 is Flight Simulator 2002
A: Hey, what flight simulators you use when you're flying?
B: FS9, X-Plane, Enemy Engaged, LOMAC. And you?

2. Hey, people, someone wants to fly in FS9 through multiplayer today?
by Azazil_6 April 07, 2011
Fat Shagger

(Usually) an unattractive male who loves to hit on heavyweight women.

A high number of FSs live in the UK, near grammar schools.

You can also use the term to make up new nicknames. ('DFS' - 'Dan the Fat Shagger')
OH, SHIT! Look at it! Dan has pulled the FS card again. That chick is massive! He has to explain this tomorrow. Im so dissapointed in him.
by Lodovik October 01, 2009
Freak Stalker; someone who stalks you and wont shut up, on myspace or AIM. They turn into big freaks and stalk you all day.
"ohhh my lord, this FS will not shut the fuck up!"
by Shewanda April 04, 2008
short term for friendster
by irveen ramirez January 12, 2008
internet abbreviation for fo shizzle
<Jameel> That Keely Hazell is really hot.
<Dan> FS!
by Big*D June 17, 2007
n. short for fat shit
1. You're a fs.

2. Your mom's a fs.
by Batost March 12, 2008
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