a grocery store in Arizona
i went to Frys to pick up some milk
by dan313 July 05, 2008
to diss or make fun of someone really badly. so its like you got fried
person one: i got scared to death last night watching that movie
person two: i got scared to death when i saw your face
everyone else: oooh you got fried
by shawdie June 02, 2005
A pizza delivery boy who was accidentially and cryogenically frozen at midnight on January 1, 2000, and awoke in the afternoon of January 1, 3000.
Is one of you named "I.C. Wiener"?
by dj gs68 May 20, 2003
A.To get pissed off, upset, generally disturbed, or to throw a shit fit.
B. To express discontent
Oh Pow, NP is frying because I don't believe in god!
by POWTMC December 15, 2006
(verb): the face you make when someone says something moronic, idiotic, and otherwise downsy; the squint and stare.

(reference to Fry from Futurama)
"He was such an idiot she had the look of Fry on her face."

"She did the Fry."
by Alyssa&Robert July 14, 2014
An English five pound note which displays Elizabeth Fry on one side.
1: Dude, can you lend me a fry

2: It's a fry to park there for the day, what a rip off.
by 3Shirts July 03, 2009
to carry somebody, to joan on them or go on them hard as shiit. to make fun of someone.
Sliiim she just fried you! How you let her fry you like dat?!?!?!
by Jessica Gogohead May 05, 2006

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