1). Electronics: They fate of sensitive electronic chips when handled without suitable anti-static precautions, or when a higher than recomended voltage is passed through them.

2). Culinary: Preparing food by dropping it into hot fat or oil.
(L)user, my computers mother-board will not work since I overclocked it.

Support: Well sir, the blackened hole in the side of the casing and the blobs of molten solder may suggest you have fried a chip or two.
Wait a minute sir you are Big Baz we went to school together, you always made me do your homework, ha ha remember, what are you doing these days?

(L)user: Why, I work in Mc'Donalds where I fry chips.

Support: Ahhh! Very good sir; you seem to be very good at frying chips, hmmm’ I ‘m afraid your warranty does not cover this...
by Blue Cawdrey November 23, 2004
A red headed character from Futurerama. He was frozen in the Year 2000 on new years eve. He was unfrozen 1000 years later. He then met Leela, bender and Dr Ziodberg along with a few other characters. In the the past he was a pizza delivery boy and his girl friend had just broken up with him. He hated his life and job in the past. Even though he again became a delivery boy in the future he claimed it was his was happy about that?? i don't know after all he is stupid.

In one episode he claimed that he had made out with a radiator 'girl' from the radiator planet, but to his disapointment and embarasment he was told that it was just a radiator lol.
"Dude Fry is my favourite character"


"because he's stupid"
by Finnerty October 25, 2009
to be FResh and FLy at the same time!
All the ladies said that i was looking pretty FRY at prom last weekend.
by J-FLO44 May 01, 2009
to be put down, usually in the form of a quick come-back or action;
Carly was rushing me as i brewed her coffee, so when i was done brewing it, i poured it out in front of her and asked her if she enjoyed it. (double fry by action and words)

*looking at meal* bob:i can't believe its so small
*laughing* Mary:thats what i said when i saw your penis (fried by words)

*note-fried is usually shouted after fry is performed to call attention to the fry that just took place. or ass up has the same effect
by pootytrained February 09, 2009
somebody who is being dumb as hell
dude you are being fry today
by rj hogle March 13, 2008
to carry somebody, to joan on them or go on them hard as shiit. to make fun of someone.
Sliiim she just fried you! How you let her fry you like dat?!?!?!
by Jessica Gogohead May 05, 2006
a sweet or form of weed dipped in pcp or other enhancing drug to create a bigger and better high than the weed by itself
from the song "steal off on 'em" if yo girl got drunk and decided to smoke fry steal off on em
by c-ren August 16, 2003
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