LSD (AKA acid, 'cid, doses, trip, tabs, hits)
My buddy went to a Phish concert and got a hold of some really good fry. He said he wound up naked in a forest and couldn't remember how he got there.
by that jigga intro April 23, 2003
A person who smokes ALOT of weed
Drake is a fry, he smokes weed every day.
by sajmil December 06, 2011
to insult, begin to insult
nigga, im bout to fry yo geeky ass
by Moe March 05, 2004
Anothr name for head, dome, brain, or blowjob.
After the dance, Tre'y got some fries from Nicole.
by Bishop Blue Drank January 27, 2011
Fry is related to Tripping on Acid. When you are Hallucinating on Acid your Frying. So in life when you see something that makes you think outside of the box, or an Awesome Aesthetic, it can be considered Fry.

You can also use Fry as a term of endearment, seeing as though you usually only do Acid with close friends.
The sunset is looking real Fry right now.

What up Fry?

That outfit your wearing is most Fry my Fry!
by meta0747 November 10, 2009
to make fun of someone by talking about their negative characteristics. Maryland/D.C. area

"Im about to fry your...big forehead lookin"
by Christopher A. November 08, 2005
Fry is usually the nickname of a male resembling the physical and mental characteristics of Philip J. Fry, a character from a television series called Futurama.

Fry= "Almost not stupid"
A Fry is characterized as simple, sweet, naïve and immature and lacks the intelligence required for articulating his emotions, despite his low intelligence, Fry is a very caring and kind hearted person who often goes out of his way to help his friends, even if he is sometimes oblivious to their problems. He tolerates all of his friends' quirks Although at times lacking in self-awareness, Fry always tries to do the right thing and fix his mistakes.
Fry- "oh sorry guys I didn't realize"... Fry's mate- "havin' another one of your Fry moments aye Fry?" ;o)

Classic Fry moment: after being told he is almost not stupid, he comes back after a few hours and says: "Oh, does that mean I am stupid then???"

Fry: "I guess what I'm trying to say is"... ..."blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah".... "does that make sense to you?".... Fry's mate- "stop being being a fry Fry, are you fried again?"... "don't be a fry all your life!"
by Fry/VW6IN3/Marco/Carcus/Mucus February 23, 2010

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