1. (v)The act of getting a Tea Bag by one or more Fruits.

2. (n)The person who receives the Fruit Bag
I fruit bagged Lorenzo last week and he's still got a mark on his forehead from it.
by ?Måt¿ August 22, 2005
Top Definition
A well-known troll in math and science channels on irc networks, mostly freenode, efnet, and undernet.
In #math:
<fruitbag> A player uses a controller to maneuver a character through a video game. Where is the gamepad of the mind?

In #not-math:
<fruitbag> Everything I do is interpreted by the guys in #math as trolling.
<fruitbag> It's bullshit, man.
by coequalizer November 04, 2007
A fag; a fruity person; a very colorful person that is much like a bag of a bunch of different kinds of fruit - Kind of like Skittles. Taste the rainbow.
"That male cheerleader is such a fruitbag, he's always prancing around like a unicorn!"

"Man, you are a bag of fruit and a 1/2."

"Quit being such a fruitbag, shut the fuck up!"
by Jack Wayne October 21, 2007
Coined by Trentanian Devl insulting x KYJellyFish x during a freindly game of Halo 3. Originally it didn't sound like and insult until KYJellyFish laughed his ass off at Trent and deemed it a worthy insult over XBL. Fruit Bag has become an alternate way of calling people: Fags, Retards, Homos, Garbage etc.
Shut the fuck up Fruit Bag!

OMG You're such a Fruit Bag!

Suck it Fruit Bag!

I Fruit Bagged Monkey
by xKYJellyFishx June 25, 2009
someone who is idiotic ,stupid ,a bit simple
"oh my god your a right fruitbag"
by a4massive January 09, 2009
Guy or girl who is obviously crazy
You only date fruitbags!
by seiboncivic August 22, 2013
1. a skank, cat biter, uncool, uncleanly, or a person who listens to antikevin music
shutup, you fruitbag
by paulakamike June 23, 2008
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