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the act of deficating into one's palm, being sure not to disturb the long, slender shape of the subject, placing it in a cold place, prefferably a freezer, waiting until the subject is rock solid, then feeding it into the anal entry of your lover (or one-night whore) and having he/she once again deficate the fecal matter out into thy oral entry, creating a split second momentary sensation of unparralled pleasure and bliss, followed by a revolting aftertaste
"pre-made frozen eddies, now availabe in the frozen food section at your local supermarket, from the makers of the klondike bar"
by Gimply August 24, 2003
The act of freezing fecal matter and inserting it in someones anus whilst they sleep.
Ross: Ouch man, I woke up with such a sore ass today!
Danny: Your mom probably gave you a Frozen Eddie.
Ross: Man she's such a douche!
by Daniel Lawless November 15, 2006

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