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Something particularly nasty, in particular and unpleasant smell.
"Man, I hate goin to the Job Centre, it just smells frowsy"
by Denise April 13, 2004
1.)an awful smell:a rank smell: smelly!
stink armpits, when someone hasnt washed for a while! and they begin to smell frowsy!

"girl you need to remember to wash the cracks when you bathe otherwise you will always be frowsy!
by Awesomechick January 25, 2009
A very pungent putrid smell.
yo my armpit smells a piece smells frowsy.
by George February 16, 2005
The British English version of frowzee or frowzy.
A girl that is really ugly and no one would ever want to get with.
See that thing over there? She is proper frowsy, I wouldn't even touch her with yours.
by P-Nut Blue December 18, 2008
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