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An annoying freshman who thinks they're the shit and tries to hang out with all upperclassmen, usually sophomores. They stick their noses up at their fellow freshmen and act as if they are superior (this tends to make them hated by their class). They don't seem to realize that they'll be screwed senior year...
*spirit week, class color day*

Freshman Kate: Ellie, why are you wearing green? We're freshmen...our color is yellow.

Froshmore Ellie: Because i hate all the freshmen and all my close, presonal friends are sophomores. So i might as well be a sophomore.

Freshman Kate: *mutters* Wannabe. (walks away)
by McJagger47 November 11, 2009
A sophmore who takes one or more freshman classes in highschool, despite being in tenth grade.
9th grade student: hey what's with that kid taking a 9th grade class? I thought he/she was in tenth grade.
other student: idk. must be a froshmore.
by DUODENUM EATER September 22, 2007
1. A freshman who only has upper classman friends (positive)
2. A sophmore who is still treated like a freshman (negative)
1. Devon is a froshmore.
2. Joe is a froshmore.
by Mister D October 30, 2004
A 10th grade person (sophomore) is taking one or more 9th grade (freshman) classes because they didn't get enough credits in that class for that particular semester. it is an obvious combination of the words FRESHman and sophoMORE, and just replacing E with O. See? FROSHMORE.
Person A: aw man I failed the first semester of math and world geography, but I still got enough credits to make it to sophomore year!
Person B: yeah but that means you have to take the main topic of those semesters if you want to pass them. and you know what that means...
Person A: NOOO!!! I'm a froshmore!!!!
Rad dude A: .......... Dude, chill out. it's just a name it doesn't even mean anything except you're taking a few freshman level classes for like half of the year.
by DuodenummasterZ September 27, 2007
Sophomore in college, but Freshmen in status. This usually happens when one takes a term off or doesn't have enough credits to be considered a sophomore.
"Wow, Tom's back from his trip."
"Too bad he's a froshmore"
by lalalozza May 07, 2009
The term given to a freshmen after they graduate during the summer period. They graduated from being a freshmen and are now considered a sophmore. This term was made to end the question of what to call people during summer.
Johnny is a froshmore now! He's done with 9th grade!
by adawggy13 March 13, 2011
High school Sophmores (or even Juniors or Seniors) that act like Freshmen. IE, bouncing off of the walls, acting like a child, and other general douchebaggery.
-God, why won't they shut up? (To froshmores) STOP ACTING LIKE CHILDREN!

-Dude, just give up, they're Froshmores
by Blohnes December 04, 2009
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