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combination of friend, booze, and loser.

that friend you have that you don't really like, but always buys the drinks.
fred: "dude, wanna hang out tonight?"
bill: "nah, i got plans with bobby."
fred: "ooh, the froozer. can i come?"
bill: "yah."
by ith4ioht9ghnin90yh903haih April 20, 2009
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froozer. derived from the words freak(fr) and loser(aozer). usually a deragatory comment. meant to put someone down. usually used by prep girls just joking around.
PC is such a froozer.
God, Mike, you are such a froozer.
OMGsh, ***** is such a froozer for knitting.
by C February 04, 2005

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