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A bra with the clasp in the front.
The select of front loaders at Wal-Mart is fantastic!
by Mixed Nuts January 12, 2006
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Going number 2 in a men's restroom urinal.
Dude 1: Man, i freakin' hate that janitor.
Dude 2: Me too, that's why I dropped a front loader in the men's room that he has to clean.
by simplemax July 15, 2009
A woman who is built in such a way that you can have mutually satisfying sex while the two of you are standing up and facing each other.
Nancy's flat tummy and the gap between her thighs make her a perfect front loader... we can screw and screw and screw some more standing up until we get off in each other's arms. Then I throw her on the bed and we screw and screw some more.
by August 14, 2010
a thong that shows from the front, such as with low-cut shorts or high straps.

Cf. pull me thong, where the thong shows from the back.
That girl is so hot -- check out that hot pink front-loader! I could nibble on that!
by ramdanger September 17, 2010
The area surrounding the rolls of fat just above a fat woman's crotch. Similar to the fup.
Damn, even though she lost all that weight, she still has her front loader.
by munnie August 18, 2008
An individual who presses their crotch into someone in a crowded area.
I had the unfortunate experience of standing next to a front loader on the subway this morning.
by AKV October 02, 2003
a Noun used to affend someone such as idiot or gay
FL- Hey dude!
Person- Go away you crazy Front Loader!!

by Lenora June 27, 2008

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