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(noun) An enormous, fatty enlargment of the abdomen, genital, and thigh region that morphs together to create the appearance of a bulbous ass on a persons front.

Male sufferers of front butt syndrome often have dickdo disease, while female sufferers can be known to have a condition called a gunt.
I saw a woman with a bad case of front butt, it looked as though she had stuffed a pillow down the front of her pants.
by R February 14, 2005
Pouch of flab found on the front of a woman between her belly button and her crotch, almost exactly where her *ss is, but on the front side of her body. Creates mass confusion and sickness among men.
Moochelle was standing in the front saying "jesus wraps his arms around me everyday" and in my boredom i noticed her portruding front butt smiling at me.
by stacy brinker March 31, 2004
When a human is so overweight that their stomach and thigh fat combines to create the appearance of having another butt on the front of the body. Applies only to obese individuals, like back tits.
God damn, I bet when that bitch goes to the bathroom she has to wipe in a half circle!
by Dizzle September 24, 2002
The bulbous protrusion emanating from below the waist. The profile of the bearer of a front butt closely resembles the uppercase letter “B”. The most common wielders of a front butt are middle-aged males with a penchant for ill-cut high-rising trousers, which they fasten well above the navel. Commonly, those with front butts are also equipped with “man titties”.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
Person who appears to have two butts. One in the back, one in the front.
"Wow, She can sit backwards on a bar stool her front butt is so hugemongous"
by ricflairismyfather October 04, 2005
A vertical fold in a very fat person's stomach blubber that resembles a buttocks.
Hey man did you see that lady with the Front Butt getting a burger in the food court?
by Bliff Blaffington April 30, 2009
when a person has fat in the front that looks like a butt.
damn fool that chicks got some FRONT BUTT.
by gnarnar September 04, 2008
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