The name of an item that is commonly used for self anal pleasure. It could be a cucumber or perhaps a pear for those individuals having a wide rectum.
Karen: Why is this carrot slimy? Jim: oh sorry, I was using it as a Froggy earlier.
by The yellling penis February 25, 2015
A sexual position, much like doggy, where the male counterpart is nearly standing while he penetrates analy.
Have you tried froggy yet?
No have you?
yeah its amazing and kinky
by adventatiousstarr July 25, 2013
Small lizard like creature, often wearing other people's trousers. Easily panicked.
I saw Froggy on Friday, he had stolen my pants!
by Michael Buggle February 02, 2011
A sex position where a gentleman lays flat on his stomach and his lady humps his bum or back.
I busted early in doggy, so my gal did me froggy.
by armis September 01, 2011
The way you feel when under the influence of amphetamines; tense, nervous, agitated, tweeked, energetic, hyper.
I don't get it, I've been feeling froggy all day and I only had decaf this morning.
by Chort deBlort June 01, 2009
cheap, skimpy, or without substance, usually used when referring to drugs.
"This is a froggy-ass line"

"Dont be so froggy with that bowl"

"Look at this froggy bag"
by thr1llseek3r February 08, 2010
A term used to let your friend know that the guy at the bar she is talking too may appear hot now, but once the beer googles are removed the next morning - he is not.

You may kiss the frog, but he's not turning into a prince.
"Feeling a little froggy are we?"
by TuChez January 14, 2010

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