Obnoxious squeaky boy who always has a stupid comment for everything. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Shut UP Froggy, no one wants to hear you!
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
smells of frog
mathew ingram
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
the act of slapping your other meathead friends in the face with double-sided dildos, as a means of homosexual foreplay
Rex and I couldn't find anyone smaller than us to fight at the bar, so instead we went to his truck to get froggy.
by AndrewI April 08, 2007
resembling or suggestive of fog.
It sure was froggy out this October morning.
by Amrit Dhariwal October 31, 2004
Shorter version of Froggystain, a female who has an obsession with chainsaw sex, obscene language, and alien porn.
Pig: Hey Froggy!
Froggy: Fuck you...
by Froggystain December 22, 2004
Like.. ready for sex.
a FAST green car at the starting line. Revved up.
"horny" a horny toad or "Green Frog"
To take from behind. Leap frog.
"Froggy went a courting... " to be ready for sex.
Feeling froggy... Over sexed and ready.
by William Krings December 02, 2005
A secret agent with a twist: He's a frog. His main disguise is that of Big the Cat's best friend.
Big: Hey Froggy, what you doing?
Froggy: Constructing a missile defence system.
Big: ...I'm just going fishing...
Froggy: You do that.
by Dr. Robotnik May 12, 2005
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