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The absolout most turtle like anphibian in the Atlantic Ocean. However it is ONLY superior in the Atlantic Ocean; the shrimp is superior in the Pacific Ocean.
You: 'I'm the frog!'
Me: 'I'm the shrimp!'
You: 'I thought we were in the Atlantic Ocean?'
Me: 'Nope! Pacific. HAH!! I want grapes.'
by Ami Smiles May 12, 2009
4 12
Anybody that is from France
Listen to Jacques Chiraq croak like a bullfrog on the Champs Elysees on the way to the Elysee Palace!
by Pierre January 21, 2005
1062 343
A cute little hopping amphibian.
Frogs are the coolest thing on earth!I love frogs!
by jesse December 11, 2003
684 272
A derrogatory term for a French citizen.
I went to Barcelona this past weekend, and I could smell the frogs from there.
by Anonymous December 04, 2002
584 199
a french person (from the stereotype of french people as eating frog's legs)
That frog girl is freaking hairy.
by Light Joker April 06, 2006
338 142
(UK slang)
the French
damn frogs
by nate rix June 11, 2003
183 63
An icon in Eugene, Oregon that makes his living selling homemade joke books to students on East 13th next to the University of Oregon. " Have you seen the world's funniest joke books?"
Hey man. You need to buy a joke book from Frog. He hangs out by campus and the Saturday Market. He'll let you squeeze his rubber chickens.
by Falada February 02, 2010
146 56
A promiscuous girl who "jumps" from bed to bed (like a frog)
That skank is a frog.
by dildo March 25, 2004
279 218