To go away from
i like to run to and fro
by TNT November 27, 2003
The F.R.O. is a non-violent crew founded on November 9,2004 by two hipsters in New Jersey (T. & E.). F.R.O.'s aim is to chill,get all the guys or girls (depending on gender and sexual preference) and various other things which are discussed once membership is achieved.The F.R.O. does not discriminate and is open to peoples of all race, gender, and religion, even though the F.R.O doesnt discriminate it is selective.
"Those dudes and chicks in F.R.O. have all the fun"

"Whoa, those kids in the F.R.O. crew can really dance."
by Founder1 November 09, 2004
Fuck Right Off
F.R.O you little fuck
by stantrunner July 31, 2010
A non-violent crew started by two unknown hipsters on November 9,2004. The F.R.O. crew is dedicated to chilling and getting all the babes.
F.R.O can stand for two things:

2. Friends reaching out
"Oh man did you see those guys from F.R.O. they have cool clothes"

"Whoa,the guys in F.R.O get all the chicks"
by Mysterious Founder #1 November 08, 2004
Information; a generic term for info.
"I need his phone number, drop me his fros
by deadish September 21, 2009
Pubic Hair.
Mistress: How long've you been shaved there?
Dude 1: Don't know, like 6th grade?
Mistress: Nice!
Dude 1: Gets me an extra inch, and only married dudes rock the dick-froes.
by Manardson December 07, 2011
The act of smoking a cigarette.
Joe: Ay you wanna fro?

Tim: I haven't fro-ed in a while.

Joe: Dude just fro.
by Blahdity dah March 27, 2011

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