Short term for the mexican spanish slang word of frajo, which means cigarette
Ey let me hit that fro ese.
by baller915 August 07, 2008
marijuana, weed, pot
created by the skeet squad
"oh man i was so fro'ed last night, i don't remember anything"
"me too, i had a major fro"
by maddle November 27, 2008
Abbreviation. Noun. afro

Abbreviation. Adjective. frothy
Man, look at his fro!

Yo, ur Starbucks Frapuccino sure is fro, my bro.
by SHIZNIGHT June 20, 2005
1.)cool or having coolness.
2.)taking place of the word fuck.
1.) yo man, that shirts fro!
2.)what the fro!
FRO that hurt!
by LaurLaur November 06, 2004
aka 'fuck right off'.

A somewhat useful method of telling an elite shiter (explained elsewhere) where to stick it.

Siobhan: 'Do you guys like me?'
Us: 'Fro, elite shiter.'
by Bethany Rosanna Golding October 21, 2007
Big pubic hair, i.e. unshaven - big bush
Jesus, James has a big fro, I couldn't see the wood for the trees
by Elle July 17, 2003
Mistakingly & Contantly meant to say "For", developed by a typo.
Different from Fro/Afro, not the same.
Fro meaning from. Shorthand way of saying For. Cooler way.
"Whats that Fro?"
"Nothing Fro your here"
by Blue-Flayme March 22, 2005

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