The master blaster of the universe, able to pwn noobs from galaxys away, OI OI, Kills noobs on COD, despises Diablo 2 LOD, has 3 brothers. 1 sister. Works at a bank. Professional bowler. AKA Efrain.
Man fro has got to be the sickest mutha ive ever seen.
by FRO December 16, 2004
use in place of cool, awesome,sweet...etc.
That shirt is Fro!
by kc July 30, 2003
Acronym for "Fuck Right Off"
Fanboy: "IE is the shit!"
Sane Person: "FRO"
by danny8522003 August 09, 2006
Exclaimatory euphamism for a generic curse.
"Aw, Fro! I just got wasted over at the Matildas."
by MajesticExplosio May 09, 2005
i really awesome girl with a blond curly fro! and she has a twinny who's a spaz!
Fro always says: "vamenos kings!"
by who else? FRO!!!! March 29, 2004
name, irc user, soangels.. efnet.
"Hello fro"
by fro April 30, 2003
1. Abbreveation of from

2. Abbrevation of afro
1. ''Yo where you fro?

2. ''Yo nice fro man''
by DizzyLizzy February 08, 2007

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