Frizzy hair is not to be confused with gorgeous brunette hair. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon within a rare breed of dime pieces originating in Montesano Washington on August 1st, 1990. This type of hair is so beautiful and rare that it causes intense stress and drama with those who live around it who are unable to achieve its qualities. Females with this type of hair are subject to being treated like a sweetheart by a sweetheart with lots of love. Those lucky enough to have inherited this type of hair should be extremely grateful and thankful to their mother also.
Sweetheart #1: "I love your hair! In one word I would describe it as frizzy."

Sweetheart #2: "You can thank my mother for this."
by Sweetheart #2 January 02, 2011
Top Definition
The mass of fro-like hair found on ones head.
Dude,I think your frizz is caught in the door.
by frizzledfizz June 23, 2005
A type of hair invented by the devil himself. Causes your hair to do whatever it chooses, including morning hair in the afternoon. Mostly your hair is uncontrollable and will do the exact opposite of what you want it to do. It can sometimes be tamed if you have the patience to blow-dry it, mousse it, straighten it, hairspray it, and then tie it back.
Tyrone: Wow, Sherry, your hair looks like a rat and a few birds live in it. What happened?

Sherry: It's called frizzy hair. Now stop looking at it.
by 333Emmaline May 08, 2010
Slang for frisbee or a game of ultimate frisbee. Can be a noun or verb.
A few examples:

1.(n.) Yo, knucklehead, throw me the frizz.
2.(n.) You guys down for some frizz?
3.(n.) Hey, let's go down to the beach and wow some hotties with our frizz skills.
4.(v.) Anybody wanna frizz it up?
by Walker Kellogg April 08, 2007
Replacement for "shit" or "crap" usually used in shock or surprise. Also used in vein.
Mom: Open your present, dear.
Kid: Oh frizz! A Playstation 3!
by bootleg. March 21, 2007

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