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2 definitions by 333Emmaline

A type of hair invented by the devil himself. Causes your hair to do whatever it chooses, including morning hair in the afternoon. Mostly your hair is uncontrollable and will do the exact opposite of what you want it to do. It can sometimes be tamed if you have the patience to blow-dry it, mousse it, straighten it, hairspray it, and then tie it back.
Tyrone: Wow, Sherry, your hair looks like a rat and a few birds live in it. What happened?

Sherry: It's called frizzy hair. Now stop looking at it.
by 333Emmaline May 08, 2010
In the same vein as 'whatever floats your boat'. This phrase is useful when talking back to bus drivers. It's the same thing as saying 'Whatever makes you happy', but this version is more sarcastic and rude.
Bus driver: I'm going to have to ask you to get off the bus. You are bothering the other passengers.

Milly: Whatever drives your bus, man.
by 333Emmaline May 10, 2010