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The utilization of the phrase varies by country.

1. (American) Failure of a device, usually in a non-repairable manner.
2. (British) Exclamation of surprised.

1. "My car shit the bed when the timing belt broke."
2. "The boss is back from vacation early!" "Shit the bed."
by Peri March 23, 2006
v. Past tense of shit-bin; to have thrown away. Syn. shitcan; probably a British variation.
My wireless card shit the bed last night, so I shit-binned it.
by Peri March 23, 2006
v. To damage electronic components, usually by mis-wiring or application of improper voltage.
"I fried the power supply on the Sparc-10 when I forgot to switch it over to EuroVoltage."
by Peri March 23, 2006

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