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Acording to my history teacher,
who is extremely precise about pronunciation told us
FRICKING means to masturbate.
and he said it was an old english term.
thats as far into the subject he would go,
as he is very posh, proper and was 'uncomfortable' talking about the meaning of the word.

people might usually assosiate this world with the film napoleon dynamite.
this conversation is how i found out the meaning of the word:

Me: Gimme my pen back
Jess: No you fricking idiot its mine
Teacher: What did you just say?!

(it progressed from there)
#wank #masturbate #toss off #jerk off #fap
by Treulf September 25, 2006
fap - a code word used to masturbate usually used by males.

me and my friends have started using this word recently since we heard of its meaning.

we use it as part of a scale of how far someone has 'gone' with a girl.

gandered - kissing
fap - petting
pwned - intercourse
Alfie: pwned her yet then?
Adam: nah just fapped, and gandered.
#gander #gandered #fapping #pwn #pwned
by Treulf October 04, 2006
This "word" was made up by a guy on my bus.

me and a friend were having a conversation about our school prom and this guy says:

"morp... thats prom backwards"

i quite like the word although it has no true meaning.
he continued later on in the conversation to insult us with this word.

i have taken it on as my own word and use it on apropriate occasions.

i would usually use it as a steriotypical word such as emo, chav, metler.

Check out -> SPAIG <- for another meaningless word my friend found.

Joe: hey Mick what the time?
Mick: er... ok
#spaig #nothing #emo #goth #metler
by Treulf October 02, 2006
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