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A student in his/her second year of high school who has failed too many classes to be considered a sophomore.
"Dale's a ninth-grader? I know I saw him around last year."
"Yeah, he's a freshmore."
by CWall55 February 02, 2007
when u are between being a freshman and sophmore in your highschool career.

just a little more fresher then the rest
boy goes to highschool
fails a few classes
now in grade 9.5 with some 10th grade classes and some 9th grade classes thus becoming a freshmore

by Gizzy gizz April 06, 2008
In college, a transfer student whose credits cannot fully transfer and takes both freshman and sophomore classes, lodging them somewhere between the two grades.
"Is Matt a freshman? I saw him in my English class."
"Not really, he's a freshmore."
by djangoblackbird January 28, 2008
The summer that occurred at the end of your freshmen year and before your sophomore year.
Person 1: Finally, no more freshmen status! I'm a sophomore!

Person 2: Not yet, you're a freshmore.
by TnTbaby June 14, 2008
A person who is so unbelievably stupid that they can't even pass their first year of their highschool career, thus repeating freshman year.
Hey, is that Nicole from last year?

Ya, but you won't have her in any of your classes. She's a freshmore.
by Crodiddally February 10, 2009
one who is too cool to ever withold the name freshman; never considered to be in 9th grade
dale was never a freshmore
by lauren snyder October 11, 2006
when a freshman(female) has just become a sophmore and is still as easy, naive, and stupid as they were as a freshman.
Lets get the freshmores to pay for alcohol, and then throw a party at one of their houses.
by eric August 04, 2004
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