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Reference for mad tv episode where you can't say certain things on t.v. - incolving a reclining chair, a couple of girls and grey poupon. If anyone has further info please post it, I gotta know what this shit really is it sounds fucking halarious.
See mad t.v episode aired in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, April 15 2006. Ex. After work I,m gonna go hame and give my girl a french braid
by Peter. S. April 15, 2006
this was from a sketch on Mad TV:

when a woman puts another woman on a reclining chair, then lifts her ass up over her head, fills her vagina with gray poupon and cocktail wieners, then buries her face up to the *beep* in her *beep* until it's clean, all the while necromancing(?) *beep*
"Now, Carmela cannot give Rosa a french braid."
by theoneandolnyxander August 15, 2009
When referenced in the sexual sense, it's usually a threesome; more often than not, two women, one man.
Personal Ad: White couple looking for beautiful, sexy SWF for french braid session tonight.
by theone805 June 23, 2009

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