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this was from a sketch on Mad TV:

when a woman puts another woman on a reclining chair, then lifts her ass up over her head, fills her vagina with gray poupon and cocktail wieners, then buries her face up to the *beep* in her *beep* until it's clean, all the while necromancing(?) *beep*
"Now, Carmela cannot give Rosa a french braid."
by theoneandolnyxander August 15, 2009
Home to the conjunction of the white elitists of the north and the black people and rednecks of the south and west. If you like any dishes with crab in them, this is the best place to get those dishes. Trust me. There is a bit of an accent in the Baltimore area, example: "Warsh the dishes with hot wooder." Go anywhere near the Chesapeake Bay and you will find a "crab shack" where the main body of the restaurant is outside, on a deck, on the bay. Main dishes are crabs, crabs, and crabs, with a side of melted butter/vinegar and extra old bay, and any lite beer you can imagine. Yummy.
Maryland: lacrosse and crabcakes
by theoneandolnyxander September 05, 2009

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