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A girl goes down on you and takes all of her hair and rubs it against your cock, until you cum in her hair.
Oh.. i had some great hair sex last night with this one chick.. it was awesome. her hair was so silky it made me cum so fast.. I had sex with her hair all night!
by RadsAds January 08, 2009
The activity in which 2 or more people engage in playing, fondling, and/or pulling each other's hair to please his/or her desire for hair or to please the urge of wanting to touch their partner/partners hair for curious/fetish reasons.
The orientation of the first hair sex remains a mystery but may have started around the 80's when hair was at it's finest.
For those who wish safety and avoid htd's(Hair transmitted diseases) they may partake in protection such as hair nets or hair condoms(plastic caps or shower caps)
Dangers include messy hair, loss of hair, oily hands, lice, wig.
Humphrey wished to fulfill his fetish of afros and engaged in hair sex with a local man with a large afro named Marty.
Kelly was amazed by Keith's deathhawk, so she pinned him to a wall and began having hair sex by fondling the helpless victim's locks.
by Pierre H. January 06, 2008

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