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A town next to Eastchester, suburb of New York; has one housing project. Zip code 10707.
Tuckahoe - Fuckahoe - isn't that funny?
by John December 03, 2003
a place in suburban new york a wee bit north of nyc, where ghetto people and preppy wannabee muthafuckas hang out. worse than bronxville and better than mount vernon.
yo nigga, i heard that fuckin' ho was from tuckahoe
by adolph hitler June 06, 2006
A town next to Bronxville where penis' are small and vaginas and boobs are huge
There is no point in going to Tuckahoe to cut off a man's penis' because it is so short it is probobly an innie.
by Jimmy Jerkoffin June 15, 2005
A really stupid small town, next to Eastchester that no one knows about. Its so boring that the kids who live dere are all idiots....they stand in the town either at da benches near vilaggos and the train station or the tables of cafe expresso which they sit at for hours straight smoking...they all smoke pot and drink like its there jobs..The girls are usually all sluts who think there hot and when dere done with the guys in tuckahoe they move on to eastchester,etc. Most of the guys think there ghetto and tough but if dey were ever in a fight in da bx or mv they woould run away. alot of the people in tuckahoe hate eachother. most people hate the town and regret moving there in the first place. sounds great doesnt it?
Hey have you heard of Tuckahoe? No!
by i LoVe TuCkAhOe December 28, 2005
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