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1. (noun) An online system with which users may give away or obtain item(s) for free.

2. (verb) The act of giving away an item using a freecycle group.
1. Deron got rid of some office furniture on the freecycle network. The dude who picked the stuff up was pretty stoked.

2. Martin: I don't want this couch anymore.
Chloe: Why don't you freecycle it then?
Martin: Great idea, you da bomb!
by biggroiney January 05, 2005
(verb) To larcenously obtain goods or services without payment; ie., to steal.
"What-ho, Tarquin - spiffing new trainers!"

"Bless you, Sebastian. I freecycled them from Harrods during the London riots. Nanny can't take her eyes off them!"
by Just_Tom November 28, 2011
The phrase Freecycle(TM) was coined by Deron Beal in founding The Freecycle Network(TM) on May 1st, 2003. This nonprofit network of over 3000 local groups allow individuals to gift items otherwise headed for landfills to each other online and locally. It stands for a free cycle of giving, or also free recycling. As a result over 170 tons a day are being kept out of landfills.
Freecycle(TM) members are people who are committed to changing the world one gift at a time.
by Deron Beal October 28, 2005
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