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What a rude Nignog woman used to say at a party when she had ran out of bacardi and coke. She would say this so the birthday guy Fred would fill her up. All she brought was 1 can of coke and made us all supply all the bacardi.
NIGNOG WOMAN: Me ran out of bacardi and coke mon. FREED!
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick May 12, 2009
210 20
(pronoun): A word to replace the name of a person that is much like God or any other celestial being.
Amen, to Freed, we give our whole life.
by Gritz(GirStells) May 26, 2011
6 1
A free meal, or free feed
I'm giving a mate a lift, said he'd give me a freed to pay me back
by Tazzay July 14, 2008
10 5
Free Weed. Smoking weed you didn't have to pay for.
I don't really like him, I'm just hanging out with him for the freed.
by NeekoAL October 22, 2013
3 1
Watching a pirated movie before it's released in theatres
"You seen the new Speilberg movie yet?"
"Yea, Isaw that last week in free-D"
by Bluseph D. Bluowski III April 01, 2009
1 1
American Princess
matt f
by dog October 28, 2003
2 8
American fairy
'fairy freeds'
by anonymous October 30, 2003
2 15