The best thing ever. Mostly found in grocery stores or malls, usually food. But at this one place I can't get any free stuff because the person at the counter says I need to be 18 or with an adult. What the fuck? I need to be 18 to eat a fucking cookie? Bullshit.
Sometimes it can be other stuff, like complimentary items in hotel rooms.
Grocery Store: Cookies, Coca-Cola, Crackers, Sandwiches, Mmmm.

Brother-Free samples!
Me- Awesome. Free Matches!
Brother- Sweet. Free Shower Curtains!
Me- Hey Dad! Get the truck! They left us a Free TV and Coffee Maker too!

by Matt The Moocher November 06, 2005
Top Definition
Possibly the best thig on planet earth. They are usually food but occasionally can be other items. Also they are the only good free thing.
Dude, let's get some of those free samples from over there!
by Fiona Slennz March 31, 2005
porn for people who don't have any money that only last 10-30 sec.
I have a mass of free samples on my computer that just keep repeating.
by imlikeabear December 01, 2007
a) someone who lets anybody get them.
b) someone who likes having pplz all up on them.
c) hoe!!!
your such a free sample!!!
you stupid free sample!!! let anybody do stuff like that to sample!!!
by Kelli and Vanessa June 16, 2008
1. Verb. To protrude one's finger into one's anus in order to let others smell the heavenly aroma by placing the finger a couple inches away from the victim.

2. Noun. A small section given to people (usually customers) for free.
1. Guy: "Free SAMPLE!"
Guy2: *barfs*

2. Shop employee: "Would you like to try a free sample sir?"
Guy2: No thanks.
by lawlcakes999 September 11, 2007
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