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when someone overshoots in a game of beer pong and does not even hit the table.
(someone misses shot)

"Wow you really frankled that shot."
by jherz50 May 09, 2010
A speck of shit that is left behind after you bare-ass fart on someone's face.
After a long night of partying, Chad woke up with a hangover and his face dotted with frankles.
by badneighbor February 08, 2010
The presence of cankles and frists in the same person.
Always known as a portly woman, in summer attire Beth's frankles were painfully obvious.
by Sir Unconcerned October 16, 2009
Frankles - Noun - Of, or referring to, Jordan Franklin.
Frankles, please send me that bulk sheet.
by frankles January 25, 2008
An old fart which usually has been afflicted with Alzheimer's disease and is most likely a psychopath.

May also scream like a dying cat from time to time.
Jill: Who broke your window?

Jake: I don't know probably some crazy old Frankle.
by LethalWeapon June 20, 2008

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